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The Elevator Pitch

A significant demand exists, mostly in the middle and lower classes, for a shift back to reliance on self and local communities for provision of needs. In response, Community Vines will help facilitate this shift by building a network of local marketplaces to facilitate ubiquitous engagement in the sharing economy. Further, the value proposition actually becomes more compelling and appealing as economic uncertainty increases.


Our MVP will be in development in 2021 and launch in select markets in Pennsylvania in 2022.

What Partners Need to Know About Community Vines

“We see the Community Vines initiative as an important contribution in the efforts to build more unified communities among people.”

Jay R. Murray, Former CEO, Vizo Corporate Federal Credit Union

“Frankly, we believe that Community Vines’ vision that needs to exist; it is an idea whose time has come.”

Peter S. Barnard, CEO, rkGoBig Credit Union