Sharing Economy 2.0 

As a Provider:

  • Monetize Your Skills

  • Volunteer with Your Skills

  • Support Causes with Skills

As a Recipient:

  • Find Skilled Service Providers

  • Find Skilled Volunteers

  • Raise Funds



Commerce Monetize Skills Find Skilled Service Providers
Volunteering Give Your Time and Talent Find Skilled Volunteers
Fundraising Donate With Your Skills Raise Funds For Your Causes

ABOUT Community Vines 

Why is this Important?

Community Vines is a FinTech startup that aims to address not so much an industry problem, as it does a societal one: because institutions have grown larger and larger, millions of people have come to rely heavily on those institutions and less on themselves and their communities for their provision. A significant demand exists, mostly in the middle and lower classes, for a shift back to reliance on self and local communities for provision of needs. In response, Community Vines will help facilitate this shift by building a network of local marketplaces to facilitate ubiquitous engagement in the sharing economy.

What is Community Vines?

We are building “Sharing Economy 2.0”: a framework that will establish a comprehensive, scalable, sharing economy marketplace, monetizing member skills and supporting volunteering and fundraising causes in communities across the nation. It will support asynchronous bartering, where the reciprocating side of a transaction can come from any other member. This will provide a significant scalability improvement over traditional transaction-brokering models. Our MVP will launch in select markets in Pennsylvania

What do Community Leaders have to say about Community Vines?  

“We see the Community Vines initiative as an important contribution in the efforts to build more unified communities among people.”

-Jay R, Murray
CEO, Vizo Corporate Federal Credit Union

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“Frankly, we believe that Community Vines’ vision flat needs to exist; it is an idea whose time has come.”

-Peter S. Barnard
CEO, rkGoBig Credit Union 

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