For several reasons:

  1. An alternate currency facilitates a thriving, barter-based ecosystem and helps keep local economies local. It also conserves dollars for dollar-only transactions (e.g., utilities, mortgages, etc.).
  2. Holding and using Civitas provides a hedge against uncertainty in the dollar-based economy.
  3. The Community Vines platform, with its exclusive use of Civitas, makes it easier for people to convert their skills—from the rudimentary to the professional—to currency. This requires minimal requirements and overhead, and enables the creation and effective use of a trusted reputation in the gig economy.
  4. To further strengthen the Community, a small exchange fee incentivizes members to spend their Civitas, purchased or earned, within the community (in the Community Vines ecosystem) rather than “cash out.” This helps to keep local economies local.
  5. Members will be required to maintain a balance of Civitas that is at least equivalent to their contracted spend commitments. (For recurring jobs, such as lawn mowing, for example, members will be required to maintain a balance to support the term of the contract for at least two MONTHS.)