The Community Vines platform enables community members to publish both skills and needs to a community marketplace. In essence, every member can be both a provider with skills and a consumer with needs. Community Vines removes the friction of discovery, negotiation, and transaction. The platform supports the following activities:
1. Bartering
Traditional bartering is the direct exchange of goods or services between two parties. Community Vines expands the possibilities of bartering by enabling indirect exchanges of goods and services between multiple parties. This is accomplished by enabling the exchange of services for a platform currency that can then be used to purchase other services from other providers.
2. Fundraising
Fundraising works similarly to bartering, except that the payment for services is directed to a cause rather than to the provider. In this way, members are able to give their time and talent in support of worthy causes in their community, which Community Vines helps to promote. This helps providers establish trust in their skills within the community.
3. Volunteering
Volunteering also works similar to bartering, except that payment is neither received nor made. In this way, Community Vines makes it easy for members (and eventually organizations in the community) to find skilled volunteers. This also helps members establish trust as providers within the community.