Meet the Team

Phillip Ross

Phillip has over 20 years of software and systems engineering experience. At the University of Pittsburgh, he led projects to update, integrate, and secure legacy financial systems for Y2K compliance, and built the first web-enabled interfaces to accounting systems. He also worked for Princeton University, focusing on distributed access control and search engine technologies which powered the JSTOR project. He was later tapped to assist in bootstrapping a systems engineering and management group where he served as the technical architect, building and supporting various digital library systems, such as JSTOR, ARTSTOR, and Portico, in cooperation with the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Phillip has 17 years of experience working in the startup world in varying capacities including building technology teams, hands-on technical roles in software/systems development and design, product development, and advisory roles assisting with strategy, recruiting, and research. He served as the Director of Information Systems Engineering at Inforocket Inc, (acquired by AT&T), where he built and managed the underlying information systems powering one of the first ever online question/answer marketplaces. Working in collaboration with Medispin Inc and Duke University Medical Center, Phillip architected and implemented an award-winning web-based application platform for managing clinical trials of medication. As an early employee of Visible Path Corporation (acquired by Dun & Bradstreet), Phillip worked on the architecture and research teams building products and solutions which applied social network analysis algorithms and techniques to information mined from both the internet and corporate intranets. As a founding technologist for Socialfeet Inc, Phillip engineered innovative solutions to allow online retailers to integrate their online stores and optimized marketing campaigns with social media. Most recently Phillip has been working as an independent software vendor building unique financial software solutions for high volume transaction processing and virtual currency management while also providing consulting services to help companies detect, address, and plan for performance and scalability issues within their software and technology infrastructures