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What is Community Vines?

Mission & Vision

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What is Community Vines?

Connecting People. Growing Communities.

Community Vines is a platform where you can monetize any skill. It’s like Uber but for any task or job you need to complete. While Uber is for driving, Community Vines is for painting, lawn mowing, babysitting, tutoring, and more. The possibilities are endless.

Let’s say you like to paint. Enter this skill on your Community Vines profile, and now anyone looking for a painter can hire you. On the flip side, let’s say you need a plumber to fix your leaky sink. With Community Vines, you can look for trusted plumbers nearby in your community to get the job done.

Community Vines brings together skill monetization, fundraising, and volunteering to create trust like never before. If you need a job done, you can find someone with the skills to meet your needs. Small business is back and Community Vines makes it easy.

Mission & Vision

Join Use in Building Something Great


We are building gig-economy 2.0: a framework that will establish a comprehensive sharing and gig-economy marketplace, monetizing member skills and supporting volunteering and fundraising causes. It will also support “asynchronous” bartering. This will provide immeasurable scalability improvement over traditional transaction-brokering models. Community Vines will be the premier online social source for brokering barter transactions and facilitating volunteer and fundraising activities in communities across the nation.


Community Vines exists to cultivate active and engaged local economies through a robust web-based social marketplace. We provide a means for establishing close-knit communities by empowering members to safely and securely monetize their skills, talents, and abilities, and to find local opportunities to volunteer with those unique talents and skillsets.

Our Values

Community Values

Communities Vines will strengthen communities and foster local sustainability by:

  • Developing and protecting local economies by cultivating individual and community self-reliance.
  • Creating opportunities for individuals to monetize skills.
  • Creating active and engaged volunteer communities.
  • Facilitating support for local causes.
  • Building trusting relationships.
  • Fostering mutually beneficial relationships within the community.
  • Leveling the playing field: no “pay-for-placement.”
  • Creating “inter-community” connectedness (portability of transactions and transferability of currency).

Digital Values

Community Vines understands the importance of data privacy. In that regard, we aims to provide high levels of transparency and privacy for our members. This includes:

  • Fostering transparency while protecting privacy.
  • We will never sell your data to third-party sources without your consent.
  • Unsolicited location tracking.
  • Profile visibility when not engaged in a contract.
  • We will never share your contacts with other users.

Use Cases


Casey uses Community Vines to raise money for college.

Monetizing Skills & Building Trust

Lauren uses Community Vines find a trusted babysitter to watch her children.


John uses Community Vines to recommend Paul a painter.

By local communities.

For local communities.

Meet the Team

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Ken Layng


Russ Brooks

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Phillip Ross

Product Development

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